Q: What is fiberglass and how is it made?
A: Fiberglass is glass in the form of straws, sprayed onto a mesh with a binder to hold it into a matting form. All fibreglass is manufactured in roughly the same way, with the exception of multi axial or woven cloth – these are spun and stitched, or woven into a matting form.

Q: What are the major uses of fiberglass in industry? 
A: Fiberglass is used in many industries, such as: Boats, Cars, Trucks, Signs, Architectural replicas, Aeroplane parts, Bus Parts, Engine Covers, Water tanks, the list is endless.

Q: What does GRP stand for? 
A: GRP is an abbreviation for Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fiberglass.

Q: What types of resin are there?
A: There are 3 basic types of resin; Polyester, Vinyl ester and Epoxy. Polyester resins provide good strength at relatively low cost. These resins can provide a wide variety of properties relating to water and chemical resistance, weathering and shrinkage during curing. Vinyl ester resins are primarily used where improved water and chemical resistance, heat resistance or improved flexibility is required. They have high resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents. Epoxy resins have a different structure to polyester or vinyl ester resins and are usually sold as a 2 pack system. Epoxy resins do not shrink as much as polyester or vinyl ester resins when they cure. Epoxy resins provide particularly good mechanical strength and adhesion, and have good stiffness, toughness, heat and water resistance.

Q: What is gelcoat? 
A: Gelcoat is a specially formulated polyester resin that is applied on the mould face. Designed to give good appearance, colour, water and weather resistance.

Q: What is the difference between flow coat and gelcoat, can either be sprayed to produce a water tight finish? 
A: Flow coat is a gelcoat with a wax in styrene additive for use as a top coat. Gelcoat can be sprayed providing that it is “spray gelcoat” not hand lay gelcoat. Both gelcoat and flow coat will give a water tight finish, providing it is used in conjunction with a fiberglass lamination.

Q. Is topcoat the same as flow coat? 
A. Yes, topcoat is the same product as flow coat.