Fiberglass Decks

Flat surfaces — especially areas above living space or garages — should be fiberglassed to prevent inevitable water damage from most all non-fiberglass corrosive membranes.

  • We offer over a dozen different types of Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat, Fiberglass Mesh and Kevlar Plastics, and our standard product incorporates a 2.0 ounce Owens-Corning Chopped Strand Mat.
  • We do fully integrated deck jobs from demolition of existing decks through completion
  • We smoothly cut and install PVC trim to create a seamless rot-resistant fascia drip edge for a clean and finished look on all our full-service Custom Fiberglass Roofs and Fiberglass Decks, or we tie your drain or scupper system in!
  • Our membranes can be finished with stone, tile, marble or your choice of colored gel coat.
  • Whether your surface’s substrate is plywood or concrete, and weather the adjoining walls are concrete, brick or wood, our Custom Fiberglass Roof Decks can Seal the Deal™ with a quality non-corrosive liner.

Specifications will vary on each and every job, but below is some general information on the Deck Process:

You must first decide whether you will be using stone, tile or alternative finish on top of the fiberglass membrane or if you will be using one of our gel coats as a finished product.

Incorporating railing systems and doors leading to decks will need to be addressed on each and every deck or roof.

If desiring CFI to finish your product you will need to choose a gel coat color here or you may request a physical color chart for our CoREZYN® gel coats.

We can fiberglass to wood, concrete, brick, some sheet metal, and some other materials – but not all materials. Please inquire if you are unsure about adhesion to a surface.

To assure the highest quality fiberglass membrane possible, please build the subsurface with Custom Fiberglass in mind.

  1. A minimum of ¼” per linear foot of pitch to be built into the roof deck. If there is less than ¼” plf of pitch, you may encounter water run-off issues.
  2. When building 16” on center, a minimum of ¾” exterior plywood must be installed as sub-flooring.
  3. At wall(s), any stucco, vinyl or other siding must be peeled away or cut out at least 12” from surface so that we may tie the fiberglass to the wall. Siding or counter-flashing may then be installed over fiberglass.
  4. Through-posts for rails are to be installed prior to arrival so that you do not need to drill holes or cut into the membrane to insert a rail system. Please consult with CFI prior to job regarding what type of railings you will install.
  5. Door(s) leading to Deck must be removed prior to arrival so that the door threshold(s) may be sealed with a continuous sheet of fiberglass.
  6. Railings must not be fastened until gel coat or second resin layer is complete.
  7. DURING AND AFTER THE JOB DO NOT PUT ANY HOLES INTO THE FIBERGLASS MEMBRANE! This includes any threshold and wall space within 4” of the horizontal deck surface. Again, if your railing system requires drilling into the membrane, please consult us.

“Today’s modern coatings offer incredible benefits to owners and users that were unable in the past; but coatings cannot work miracles. The best formulated coating in the world, manufactured with the finest raw materials, and applied perfectly by a contractor, cannot compensate entirely for poorly designed structures.”

-CoatingsPro Magazine, November 2007


We care about the environment and encourage builders to utilize our fiberglass membranes in Green Roof designs that will aid in the reduction of the heat-island effect. We can help you build a Custom Fiberglass Green Roof™ which broadly benefits both the environment and pocketbooks, through water retention and efficient energy strategies.

Ask us today how our fiberglass roof decks and custom fiberglass membranes can help you score more points on the U.S. Green Building Council’s® (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ which encourages sustainable green building and development. We suggest you check out their website sometime at: or watch this YouTube video on how Green Roofs can benefit you!

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